Black Dyed Cowhide Large Rug


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Add a touch of chic contemporary exotic glamour to your home with this luxurious black dyed Brazilian cowhide rug.

This top quality hair-on hide 100% leather rug, which has been mineral dyed to a solid even black colour will make a bold luxurious modern statement in any room!

All rugs differ slightly being natural but all are guaranteed as top superior quality, as sold to many top home wares stores Australia wide. Save 50% off normal retail price.

Hypoallergenic. Vacuum only. Warm water and soap spot clean. Allow to dry naturally . No cleaners or chemicals to be used. Each rug will vary slightly as natural thus please expect this. Made in Brazil.

This colour is an even rich dark black shade. If you are looking for a solid dark black, rather than a natural black cowhide rug which may have traces of dark brown being a natural hide(see our other natural cowhide rugs) , then this is the rug for you!

Also - no need to worry about spills on this rug being black!

Approx 2m x 1.7m (3 - 4sqm). Genuine high quality leather cowhide.

Postage: $10.00 FLAT RATE Australia wide with Eparcel Australia Post (standard method)

Please note: This photo shown here is not the exact rug you will receive but an indication of the colour 'category' of cowhide rug. There will be variance in colour, shade and pattern - as all rugs are unique being 100% natural products, which make them so beautiful and one-of-a-kind! We sell to retail stores and alike, and stand by our quality. If you have any order comments, to assist with selection of your rug, please write this when place your order, in the 'Order Comments' box. Or, if you are after a particular rug and want to see a photo of exact rug, we recommend purchasing the Photo Service Package.

Due to each cowhide rug being a natural product, and not man-made, rugs do vary in pattern, shape, and colour slightly. This is to be expected. The photo shown here is a guide to the colour category you are selecting.All our rugs are of top quality and do not have ugly branding or sewn patches. Differences in colour markings or slight discolourations on each rug are natural and not to be thought of as a fault. On rugs that are lighter colour particularly near the hind-legs, some thinning may be visible as this is a naturally thinner area of a cow and not deemed a fault, as is a natural occurrence. Our rugs won't have holes, tears, ugly patches or similar, and are top quality.

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