Real Living Magazine, January 2015: Beige & White Fresian Cowhide Rug

Grand Designs Magazine, Issue 4.1 January 2015: Reindeer Hide

Adore Home Magazine, Spring Edition, October 2014: Beige Cowhide Rug

Real Living Magazine Sept 2014: Blespok Rug

Real Living Magazine Sept 2014: Medium Exotic Cowhide Rug, Medium Exotic Cowhide Cushion, Springbok Cushion

Real Living Magazine Jan/Feb 2014: Springbok Rug

Real Living Magazine Dec 2013: Black Natural Cowhide Rug

Vogue Living Australia Magazine Nov/Dec 2013: Metallic Silver Cowhide Rug

Grand Designs Australia #Issue 7 Dec 2013: Cappuccino Sheepskin Rug

Real Living Magazine #Issue 91 Sept 2013: Dark Salt and Pepper Cowhide Rug

Modern Home Magazine #Issue 7.8 Aug 2013: Black Natural Cowhide Rug

Geelong Advertiser HOME #Issue 22 June 2013: Our Leopard Printed Cowhide Rug

Brisbane News #Issue 929 1-2nd May 2013: Our Tri Colour rug, and Light Exotic cushion